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Food and beverage photography, videography, and content creation are our bread and butter, even if we’re just shooting bread and butter! We’re not like other photographers that decide to try their hand at dessert photography without any experience in the industry. We specialize in shooting food and beverages – that’s it!


After a consultation to determine your needs, requirements, and preferred visual style, We’ll work with your brand, restaurant, bar, brewery, retail outlet, catering kitchen, or food blogging base to create the best looking content possible!

Food Photography

Photography, Videography, and Social Content

We cover all the visual needs your brand could need. From exciting photos and videos of your food and beverages all the way to full-fledged commercial productions. We craft custom packages based entirely on your needs, whether that means one-time stylish images or monthly content packages for your marketing or social needs. Whatever you need, we’ve got it covered.


If you don't love the content, You don't pay!

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Now that you know what WE do, let’s have a conversation about YOUR business and what we can do to help you SELL MORE products / Fill More seats, or whatever your goal is. What keeps you up at night and how can we help you change that?

Words from Our Founder

 I’m Kory James, the Owner of WDS Visuals and I have a real passion for the food and beverage industry! I have worked in the industry in various capacities for over 2 decades, learning that my true passion is helping restaurants and brands build their businesses with stunning visuals and creative content.

Allow me to join you on your journey and I’ll do everything I can to make your food, drinks, and brand look as amazing as possible.

WDS Visuals - Food Photographer/Filmmaker
Bay Area Food Photographer and Videographer

“Highly Recommend.”

Food Videos

Get your potential customers salivating, with beautifully poetic shots of your food in action.

Beverage Photography

The plate may be the star of the show, but it’s nothing without a backup beverage to wash it down. We frame and shoot beverage photos meticulously, to make your potential customers thirstier than ever. Your profit margins will thank you!

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