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After a brief consultation to discuss your needs and the look you would like to achieve, We get to work making your Food and Beverages look their absolute best for their intended use. Our love for shooting food and beverages is so great that it’s ALL WE DO. Restaurants / Chefs / Breweries / Retail foods / Retail Beverages / Wine and Spirits / Caterers / Food Bloggers. 

Focusing on one category rather than shooting 20 different genres allows us to be really good at exactly what you need and provide content that drives results.


Our services range from basic food photography to fully styled photo/video shoots, to monthly content packages and digital marketing. Customized packages are created depending on your needs and budget. We pride ourselves on great communication and want to build long lasting client relationships! 


If you’re interested in learning more we would love to schedule a quick chat to see if we can help you out.

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Bay Area Food Photographer and Videographer

 I’m Kory James, the Owner of WDS Visuals and I absolutely love the food and beverage industry!



I have worked in food and beverage in many capacities over 2 decades and I really found a true passion for helping restaurants and brands build their businesses with creative content and digital marketing.


Here are a few key things to know about Me.


  1. I’m very passionate about my work and stand behind everything I do 100%.
  2. I communicate with my clients diligently to build lasting relationships  and continued satisfaction.
  3. My number 1 goal is to make you look amazing! 

“Highly Recommend.”

"Kory and his team go above and beyond the call of duty. Their ability to capture the details from a perspective that elicits powerful emotions is what we love most. Highly recommend.
SF Bay Area Product and Food Photographer
Moana Dixon

Food Video

Nothing makes a customer’s mouth water and want to be in your restaurant as much as slow motion video of delicious food! 

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Beverage Photography

Every great dish needs a beautiful refreshing beverage! We like to give extra attention to detail when photographing beverages to make them look completely irresistable. 

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